Test Speed tests the speed of your connection to check the speed of the Internet. Test your download, upload, and ping speeds. Free!

Internet Speed Test checks how fast the speed of uploading and downloading your WiFi network or broadband internet, ping, jitter, and bandwidth is. By performing an Internet Speed Test, you can measure the speed between your device and a test server. This will ensure that you get the speed promised by your ISP.
Below are the indicators recorded by the speed test:
Download Speed

Represents how fast your network can receive data from Internet servers in a given period of time. The download speed is measured in megabits per second (Mbps).

Upload Speed

This means how fast your Internet network can send data to a server.

Ping Rate

Ping speed is the response time to how quickly you receive a response after sending a request to a server. The lower the ping speed, the better. The ping is measured in milliseconds (ms).


Jitter is the fluctuation of the reaction time (ping). A lower flicker result is good, while a higher flicker is an inconsistent connection.