Angel Reese’s Comeback LSU Forward’s Mysterious Absence Ends

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In a surprising turn of events, LSU women’s basketball star Angel Reese is set to make her return to the court on Thursday against No. 9 Virginia Tech, ending her mysterious absence from the team since November 14. LSU head coach Kim Mulkey announced the news during a press conference, but the reasons behind Reese’s absence remain shrouded in mystery.

Mulkey, speaking confidently before her scheduled Wednesday press conference, declared, “Angel’s back.” However, she did not provide any explanation for why Angel Reese had been conspicuously absent from the Tigers’ lineup for the past four games, including a high-profile two-game set against Niagara and Virginia at the Cayman Island Classic, where Reese did not travel with the team.

When asked about Reese’s absence, Mulkey simply stated, “She’s coming back after not being with the team. We’ve moved on.” This cryptic response left many wondering about the circumstances surrounding the star player’s absence.

On the court, Angel Reese is undoubtedly one of the best players in the country. She earned the title of 2023 Final Four Most Outstanding Player after leading the Tigers to victory with a score of 102-85 over Iowa in April’s NCAA national championship game. Last season, as a first-team All-American, Reese averaged an impressive 23 points and 15.4 rebounds per game. Off the court, she enjoys immense popularity, boasting over three million followers on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube combined.

The mystery deepened as speculation ran rampant on social media regarding the reasons for Reese’s absence. On November 19, Reese took to Twitter (referred to as X in her post) to address the rumors, writing, “Please don’t believe everything you read.”

As the anticipation builds for her return, questions arise about her preparedness to face a formidable opponent like Virginia Tech with limited practice time. Coach Mulkey addressed these concerns by saying, “Angel is available to play tomorrow. But if you want to know, Angel has been practicing. Do you wanna know how many hours? How many days? Specifics? She is not going to show up tomorrow and play a game.”

Despite the lack of practice time, Mulkey expressed confidence in Reese’s abilities, stating, “I really think Angel will just be like Angel. I mean, she has just been good, really good in practice.”

Throughout the press conference, Mulkey was repeatedly questioned about Reese’s high-profile absence from the two-game set. In response, she emphasized the importance of privacy within the locker room, stating, “What’s in that locker room stays in that locker room.”

The return of Angel Reese to the LSU women’s basketball team ahead of their clash with Virginia Tech remains surrounded by mystery. While Coach Kim Mulkey is tight-lipped about the reasons behind her absence, fans eagerly await her comeback on the court, hoping to see the star player shine once again.

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