XRP Ledger Architect Stunned by SEC’s Bold Moves

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In a stunning turn of events, David Schwartz, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Ripple and the brilliant mind behind the XRP Ledger, has launched a scathing critique of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) handling of the “DEBT Box case.” Schwartz’s remarks shed light on what he perceives as a trail of deceptive actions and distorted facts perpetrated by the regulatory body.

The SEC’s bombshell revelation in July accused DEBT Box defendants of being part of an elaborate scheme dating back to March 2021. According to the SEC, these defendants were involved in promoting unregistered securities under the guise of “node licenses.” Investors were lured in with promises of substantial returns through cryptocurrency mining and various revenue-generating ventures. The regulator contends that these seemingly attractive node licenses were nothing but a smokescreen, concealing the immediate creation of token supplies through intricate blockchain code.

However, the case took a surprising turn when Judge Robert Shelby, presiding over the unfolding legal drama, raised doubts about the SEC’s legal tactics. In a decision made in November, he hinted at potential sanctions against the regulatory body’s representatives, citing deceptive statements in their pursuit of justice against DEBT Box. The initial freezing of the company’s assets, seemingly due to a move to Dubai to escape U.S. regulatory reach, was called into question. No evidence of bank closures was found, and a purported overseas transfer of $720,000 was revealed to be a domestic transaction.

Judge Shelby’s “show cause order” has now put the SEC in a position where they must justify their actions, invoking a federal court rule that demands concrete evidence to support their factual claims. As David Schwartz continues to publicly condemn the commission’s handling of the DEBT Box case, the controversy surrounding it takes on new dimensions. The debate over regulatory overreach and accountability gains fresh momentum, fueled by the developer’s outspoken criticism.

The ongoing saga of the DEBT Box case, as dissected by David Schwartz, CTO of Ripple, and architect of the XRP Ledger, has evolved into a contentious battle between the SEC and those accused of orchestrating an elaborate scheme. With Judge Robert Shelby casting doubts on the SEC’s actions and the developer’s vocal condemnation, this case raises broader questions about regulatory oversight and transparency in the world of cryptocurrency.

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